According to the Prosecutor’s Office of Monmouth County, New Jersey, Lee D’Avanzo, hubby of Mob Wives Star Drita D’Avanzo, got jammed up in a marijuana sting and is facing some serious time.

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D’Avanzo got snagged in a sting called “Operation on The Ropes,” unveiling an operation that prosecutors allege would turn common household candy brands into illegal THC-infused products.

The bust yielded almost $2 million dollars in illegal weed products, including 21,000 packages of candy infused with what is believed to be THC, a half-ton of suspected marijuana and over 6,000 illegal THC vape cartridges.


This is Lee’s second slew of drug charges with the first bust being just two months ago after he and Drita were caught with guns and drugs in their Staten Island home.