Angie Martinez returned to the airwaves after taking two months off following a severe car accident.

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The famed radio host announced that she was taking time off to recover in November but she finally got into detail about the life-changing moment. “I can’t say too much because insurance is still dealing with stuff,” she said. “I was swerving out of the way to miss another car and I flew over a wall. It was like a 10-foot wall. The car dropped straight down. Luckily I had my seatbelt on, it was the daytime.” Martinez added, “Like Dukes of Hazard in the air. Flew down, straight down into some trees.”

Angie revealed that she had to be cut out of the trees to get rescued. So, when I tell you it’s like a miracle… God is amazing,” she continued. “I’ve been the past two months in recovery doing physical therapy, rehab.”


When asked about what’s the hardest part about physical therapy, Angie Martinez admitted that every day is a struggle but she continues to push through. “That’s the thing, you get a little better… Anyway, I had a fractured vertebra, shattered the vertebra in one part. So they had to put something in my back [to put it back together].”