Please pray for Rae Sremmurd because the duo is going through it right now after their stepfather was murdered Tuesday afternoon.

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To make matters worse, their half brother, Michael Sullivan, was arrested for it. Swae tweeted, “I pray this world let’s me keep some compassion.”

Floyd Sullivan, 62, died on the scene and suffered from several gun wounds. Floyd raised the Sremmurd boys since they were in Junior High School, and moved to Mississippi with their mother, Bernadette. He also has a son from a previous relationship.


It’s unclear how much Swae Lee and Slim knew about the situation but they’re clearly distraught and need some love.

In other Rae Sremmurd related news, the brothers recently went back to their hometown to bring some holiday cheer to about 100 children. The event was a success and they plan to give back every holiday.