Last week Tommie Lee announced that she will not be appearing on Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta next season. “I love my old job but I no longer work with them,” she wrote on Instagram, as reported by Atlanta Black Star. TMZ reports that the reality star was indicted on child abuse charges.

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The indictment, filed by the state of Georgia, says that she attacked her daughter in October 2018. Lee reportedly slapped her daughter around a couple times before dragging her by the hair into a locker. She is facing seven charges, three of them are felonies. The other four are misdemeanors but if indicted she can face up to 54 years behind bars.

All while appearing on Love and Hip Hop, Tommie Lee has had a number of run-ins with the law. It’s unclear if her departure from the show has anything to do with the indictment, but it doesn’t sound like she’s returning anytime soon.