Lifetime aired a limited series titled Hopelessly in Love on January 4th which gives an in-depth look at famous, tumultuous relationships in the past. The show kicked off with a BTS look at TLC rapper Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes’ relationship with football star, Andre Rison in the 90s.

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According to the documentary, Lisa and Rison were in an “on and off relationship” and used to break up for months. Rison admitted that Lisa was in love with Tupac and even called him “her soulmate.” Rison said, “if Tupac was willing to go there, then Lisa would have definitely dated [him].”

However, the documentary puts the rumors to rest and confirms that the late emcees didn’t sleep with each other. Andre “knew how Lisa felt about Pac,” but “Lisa would always deny that she slept with Pac, and I still didn’t believe it,” another interviewee insists that, “Tupac told Lisa in the very beginning, ‘Never let me sleep with you,’ and they stood by that.”


A bombshell that was dropped during the doc was that Left Eye slept with Suge Knight. She was reportedly devastated after Pac’s death in 1996, called her wedding off with Andre, and wanted to split from her girl group to follow her own creative direction. That’s when she linked up with Suge and the Death Row Records CEO confirms that they had more than a professional relationship. “…it was a sexual relationship, I had major love for her…I cared for her,” he revealed. Andre confirms that Lisa “had relations with Suge…and that’s just messy.”