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R. Kelly’s “Ride or Die” girlfriend of three to four years, Joycelyn Savage has finally reunited with her parents after being estranged. Her family appeared on the Lifetime Surviving R. Kelly docu-series and has been very vocal on the alleged brainwashing they believe their daughter has been exposed to. Joycelyn has denied that she has been bamboozled into loving her man, and sticking by him… even as her former partner in crime Azriel Clary has booked out and back to her people.

According to TMZ, the reunion was short but enough to give her loved ones some glimmer of up. According to Gerald Grigg’s The Savages’ attorney, the meeting was on the low and happened in a Chicago Courthouse on Thursday, only days after the viral fight between their daughter and Clary.


Tim and Jonjelyn yielded much of their inhibitions as law enforcement facilitated the meeting after her hearing and she was released on bond for the alleged battery of Clary.

The meeting lasted for about 20 minutes. The family hugged and expressed how much they missed her and loved her. As expected, they pleaded for her to come home.

She did not leave with them.

She did take their numbers and said she would be in touch.