It probably because he is a Virgo.

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Whatever it is, Joe Budden started the new year off with Math Hoffa, Ms. Fit and Knowledge tha God on their hit YouTube talk show, My Expert Opinion. And while on the show, he makes a stand for gender equity in a firm way.

Each episode, the lead host Math Hoffa introduces the squad and shouts out the venue where the show is filmed. A new show and a small business seem to be a perfect space for collaboration, particularly because of reach behind the talent associated with the show.


Hoffa, a noted battle rapper who has pioneered in leagues such as Fight Klub, URL, RBE, and KOTD, has accumulated according to metrics gathering site Versetracker almost 27M in views in his 44 battle history.

His co-host Ms. Fit, a female battle rapper from the Murda Ave crew has only battled 10 times in her 10-year career and brings to the table a little over 4M. Knowledge rounds out the social equity that could translate into real promotional dollars for a small business with 118K subscribers on YouTube, a strong website and even stronger social media following.

It also helps that they pull in celebrity guests like Method Man and this week’s Joe Budden to the show to talk their sh*t, always creating viral-worthy moments.

At the beginning of the show, Math introduces everyone stating that they are filming in Harlem Cutz and that space provides a $5 discount to those who mention the show. However, he notes that if you mention his female counterpart Ms. Fit, you can receive a $10 discount.

“I still don’t know why Son. I still don’t know why.” Math says.

Ms. Fit rebuttals, “Girl Power rules. Women rule!”

In a comedic retort, Math shakes his fist, “It’s not your show.” Everyone laughs as they know that no one is particularly serious… or upset. The show carries on.

However, Joe Budden after he is introduced addresses it again.

“We can start… We have to encourage Ms. Fit getting $10 off when they mention her name. The women are underpaid and undervalued. They need Black men’s support. So when we hear that, when we hear that we bump into the rare instance where they get a little more, we have to be like ‘yeah we got to champion that.”

Ms. Fit thanks him as the guys listen to the economic breakdown from someone who has sometimes been accused of not being sensitive to women’s needs. (Oh the complicated Virgo that he is!)

In fact, the brothers nod in agreement and say, “I did it!”

Joey is right. According to the Institute for Women’s Policy Research, women make up over half of the American workforce. And on the whole, women across the board earn more college and graduate degrees than men do. However, when The Institute does a real analysis of women’s and men’s earnings over 15 years the results are disappointing and truly affirm what the rapper and lead of The Joe Budden Podcast have said, women made just half (49 percent) of what men earned.

Check out their stark statistics around when and if gender-based pay equity can ever truly happen. The Institute reports:

IWPR tracks the gender wage gap over time in a series of fact sheets updated twice per year. According to our research, if change continues at the same slow pace as it has done for the past fifty years, it will take 40 years—or until 2059—for women to finally reach pay parity. For women of color, the rate of change is even slower: Hispanic women will have to wait until 2224 and Black women will wait until 2130 for equal pay.

The Institute for Women’s Policy Research; Employment, Education & Economic Change; Pay Equity & Discrimination 

As a Latinx woman, Ms. Fit most certainly falls into the category that is most discriminated against. However, the titan that she is pushes through with vigor. It is paying off. She will be battling against one of the top rappers at the biggest battle rap league in the English speaking world. She and her partner, Cortez (Murda Ave) will go against Geechi Gotti and Coffee Brown (Mafia) on the Royalty card, produced by Queen of The Ring and URL.

Check out Joe Budden and the rest of the My Expert Opinion on Episode 26: