It’s time for a breath of fresh air in Hip-Hop. Well that breeze is blowing in with an energetic artist known to the world as “Benxett”, pronounced (Been It). His latest release, “2AM” which has over 11,000 streams, has a narrative relatable to listeners all over America. It’s up tempo beat and lyrics are destined to become an urban anthem in no time.

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Benxett, pronounced (Been It), is from Prince George’s County, Maryland. He began his career like a lot of young and upcoming artists today, via Youtube. He found some tracks and the rest in history. This is a situation where talent met passion and opportunity…the rest is history. Benxett seized that opportunity and has been performing alongside larger acts like 30h Black and Will The Rapper. He has since released another hit, “Hold’em Up”, which is climbing in streaming numbers as well.

Knowing that the music industry is a serious business, he has teamed up with Hip-Hop Publicist, Lynn Hobson, who believes that hard work, perseverance and talent pays off.  “Work ethic is everything in my book, so stay tuned”, Lynn Hobson stated with a smile.


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