Azriel Clary is slowly becoming the people’s choice as she takes us on the run with her.

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The 22-year-old made headlines earlier in the week after she went on Instagram Live showing her sister wife, Joycelyn Savage, allegedly attacking her. But according to this newly obtained video, Clary was the one who whooped Savage’s a**.

Clearly this part wasn’t featured on the live because Clary was busy putting the paws on Savage. You can hear Clary taunting Savage about not knowing how to fight after she repped her hood, “I know how to fight, I’m from Baltimore!” Clary exclaimed.


This new video made the moment even more savory because Clary was the one who pressed charges against Savage who was charged for the assault.

But now it’s clear that after Joycelyn attacked Azriel, she turned the live off and “defended” herself as she claimed in the police report, which she recorded in another live.

Azriel Clary recently reunited with her father according to the tweet below and it’s clear that she’s no longer down to be R. Kelly’s ride or die. “To everyone saying I’m a “clout chaser” 🤦🏾‍♀️ please KNOW I would’ve made it with or without Robert. I had drive, ambitions and goals before Robert and I have them after. He was NOT the first celebrity I had met, he was just the FIRST to take advantage of me. I’m just smarter now 💯😴,” she wrote.

Do you think Joycelyn is going to crack?