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So what’s the problem?

Rapper and sports fan Drake is notoriously known for being a jinx, and whenever he jumps on a bandwagon, the team seems to lose. He even acknowledged that during the NFL playoffs last year.

Last year, Drake attempted to get out in front of the curse when he wore a sweatshirt with all four conference championship teams — the Rams, Patriots, Saints, and Chiefs — on a sweatshirt. None of the four teams won in regulation, so the curse still happened!


Some think the Drake curse has been technically lifted because his hometown team, the Toronto Raptors, won the NBA Finals last year. But considering the Ravens, who had won 12 games in a row, lost as 9-point home favorite Saturday night proves that this simply isn’t true.

Even Baltimore safety Earl Thomas tweeted after the game about the curse being real:

Hopefully, for everyone’s sake, Drake will chill out on hopping on bandwagons for a while.