Young Hip Hop fans were rejoicing about the Drill sub-genre that’s emerging out of Brooklyn, but it looks like the key players are at odds.

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Pop Smoke shared a preview for an upcoming song last Sunday and took shots at fellow BK artists, Casanova, and Smoove L. “She love how I talk/She know that papi outside and she know I’m the king of New York… Niggas saying they outside/Send an addy we gonna slide/air out when we arrive,” the Dior rapper spit on the teaser. He took even more shots in the caption, “YALL OLD NIGGAS BETTER PACK IT UP,” Pop Smoke captioned the video. “THIS AINT NO TRASHANOVA SHIT NO SCARY L SHIT YALL KNOW THE WOOS RUN THE CITY YALL NIGGAS COULD NEVER BE ME.”

Smoke’s song is presumably a response to Casanova’s “Demons & Devils” featuring Fivio Foreign and Smoove L. He might have felt a way about Cas’ intro when he said, “They know we not playing, man. They know we outside for real, for real. We ain’t taking no shorts…” The “New Apollos” rapper had an aggressive verse with rap lines that could’ve possibly been aimed at Pop. “Shouldn’t let ’em put a battery in your back/Because that’ll get you clapped… I put the BKNY on my back,” Smoove raps on the song’s last verse.


Meek Mill apparently caught wind of the situation and is a firm supporter of the youth that comes out of the East Coast. “Y’all Brooklyn niggas be beefing wit each other too much lol.”

Meek Luther King has a point. New York rap is in dire need of camaraderie if they want to have any longevity. But New Yorkers are infamous for their big egos and bad attitudes.

“I see what a lot of y’all niggas is doing,” Smoke said on his Instagram Story after reposting several people listening to “Gatti.” “You think I don’t see it but I see y’all sucka niggas. Stop sucking d*ck and keep my fucking name out your mouth.”

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