Love and Hip Hop Miami’s Trick Daddy, has recently been the talk of the town once his mugshot hit the internet. Despite being aware of his medical condition, fans didn’t find the rap icon’s appearance to be off-limits in their joking contest on social media. There were multiple memes created of the Florida rapper in different hairstyles and captions.

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Trick Daddy was arrested on a cocaine possession charge. According to the police report, officers responded to reports about a reckless driver, seemingly to have been rocked out behind the wheel around 3:20 am. When law enforcement approached the vehicle, officers described the driver to apparently be sleep behind the wheel. The officers identified the driver as Maurice Samuel Young, birth name of Trick Daddy, who told the officers that he had just left a club in Miami Gardens.

The rapper took to social media to address the online teasing. “Let me get this right. You lie on me… make fun of the fact that I have lupus, and all this, just for likes. Thank god I’m strong. Everything is funny until it hits close to home. My feelings don’t hurt easily I’m too worried about waking up tomorrow.”