Almost a month after announcing that she was “done with fame,” Bhad Bhabie has now announced that she will be taking a break from social media “due to her mental health.”

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“I hate to say it but y’all won! Congrats mission complete! Y’all made the lil 16 year old completely loose it! Social media has not only made me who I am but also every reason I can’t sleep at night. Imagine being called a racist white cunt every second of they day,” she stated in a post on Instagram.

In December the rapper received a lot of backlash when she posted a video of herself rocking box braids to her Instagram. She was blamed for cultural appropriation for wearing the hairdo, which led to her going on a furious Instagram rant.


“To all the black females that are saying my hair ain’t meant for box Braids guess the f*ck what y’all hair ain’t meant to be straight but y’all glue whole wigs on to your heads and sew Brazilian/Indian/Peruvian hair which is anything like your natural hair texture at all and I don’t say a god damn thing neither do the other cultures that you get the hair from.” 

The Instagram controversy didn’t stop there, at the top of the year Bhad Bhabie posted a video and fans noticed something that seemed to appear different on the 16-year-old. When fans accused her of having lip injections she simply responded by saying, “I think a lot of yall forget I’m getting older so I’m gonna start looking different…stop making up sh*t I don’t have any surgeries… leave me tf alone.”

Although fans were on her side, trying to convince her that she didn’t have to pay attention to the negative comments so much, it seems as though Bhad Bhadie just has had enough. “When I do come back I will be Turing all my comments off,” she mentioned. 

There have been no further details on when the 16-year-old plans to return to her social media, but we hope her mental health gets in the best state during her break from social media.

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