The upcoming Marvel’s Avengers game has been delayed, Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics have announced. Previously scheduled for launch in May, Avengers’ release date is now set for September 4, 2020. 

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“We committed to delivering an original story-driven campaign, engaging co-op, and compelling content for years to come,” the statement from Crystal Dynamics says. “To that end, we will spend this additional development time focusing on fine-tuning and polishing the game to the high standards our fans expect and deserve.”

The game’s delay doesn’t come as a large surprise, especially given the reception to its public showings so far.


After being announced back in 2017 as The Avengers Project, Marvel’s Avengers was unveiled at E3 2019. At the time, the game received criticism for some for the look of its characters, as well as unclear messaging about what form the game would take. We’ve since gotten some clarity on the structure of the game and changes have been made to its visuals.

When it arrives in September, Avengers will be released for Xbox One, PS4, PC, and Google Stadia.