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Heisman Trophy winner and NCAA Championship-winning Quarterback Joe Burrow is keeping it real.

After the controversy surrounding former LSU player and current Cleveland Browns star, Odell Beckham, Jr. handing out cash on the field to players, Burrow decided to provide his take.

Appearing on the Barstool Sports podcast, Pardon My Take, Burrow revealed that he OBJ doled out real money on the field.


Here is the exchange, which can be heard around the 39:25 mark of the episode:

Big Cat: Did Odell give you money?

Burrow: Umm… yeah. I’m not a student-athlete anymore, so I can say yeah.

Big Cat: Yeah, that’s sick. He was just handling out cash? I was just thinking it would have been awesome if Odell just printed fake money as just a flex.

Burrow: With like his face on it?

Mr. Cat: Yeah, like you try to pay for a drink and… this is Monopoly money. That’s sick that he was just handing out cash. How much cash did he bring

Burrow: I don’t know.

An LSU official told the Baton Rouge Advocate that the money was fake. It is an NCAA violation for student-athletes to accept cash under any circumstances.