When we first met Joseline Hernandez, we were caught up in her thick accent, her feisty attitude and her seemingly undying love for Stevie J. Love and Hip-Hop: Atlanta was the platform and on it, she needed help to transform her life.

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And she did.

The well-documented love-affair between the former Bad Boy producer and the Puerto Rican princess produced a lovely daughter and some memorable TV moments. Some highs and some lows, what emerged out of it was an eight-year relationship between her and her VH1 fan-based and a fully-grown woman- a boss ready to take her career in her own hands.


Yes, Hernandez is ready to walk into who she has always been called to be. Her highest self. Her highest sexy self (no one said that evolution has to be void of sensuality).

And so here she is in 2020, with a new show called Joseline’s Cabaret on the Zeus streaming service on Sunday, January 19, 2019, at 8 pm.

In the new show, she returns to her hometown of Miami to help revitalize a struggling gentleman’s club that she once performed. While there, she offers the young women there (some who were there when she was a dancer) an opportunity to make money in a different way, by creating a sensual traveling cabaret featuring her own original music teaching these women the art of burlesque. Think the Pussycat dolls, but with that urban Miami step-above-the-club vibe.

So the first thing she has to move on is getting the dancers in the club ready for the next level: Get their minds right. Get their bodies right. Get their money right.

At the same time, she is premiering her new and improved self. Looking at herself as a mother, a businesswoman, looking at her new music and fiancé and most of all her new outlook on life.

This is the first time that we see Joseline not only as a caricature… but as a superwoman… cape and all… she is ready to take on the world.