We do not believe in beating on people’s kids…

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But we understand that every now and again… these kids need some learning.

So, when a Largo High School teacher was caught on camera last year “beating up” a student many were aghast, but some suspected more to the students.


Their suspicion has been justified.

Even with video of the incident, the second-degree assault and physical child abuse charges against the teacher Vivian Noire, have been dropped.

In the video, Noire is heard talking to the student when the 17-year-old approaches her and bumps her. In reaction, Noire snaps and molly waps her. That is when they got to tussling.

The authorities were called and Police Chief Hank Stawinski reported to Fox 5, the scene was “extraordinarily violent” and “criminal.” 

But if she was the first to strike and it was that horrible a fight, how did she get off? Well, the student was demonstrating aggressive behavior towards the teacher, perhaps the rationale was that the teacher was protecting herself.

The Prince George’s County State’s Attorney’s office is further keeping everyone in the dark but gave this statement:

“The charges against Vivian Noire have been dismissed.  The Office is still investigating the facts surrounding the incident to determine if future charges are appropriate.”

That is unclear.

What is not unclear is that the incident should not have been placed on social media. The president of the local teachers’ union says the posting was a violation of school policy.

Theresa Dudley, President of the Prince George’s County Educators’ Association, tells FOX 5, “Hindsight being 2020 I think cooler heads would have prevailed and she would not have been arrested and thrown in jail like a common criminal when you can see in the video who provoked the attack.”