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Kellyanne Conway is a real one.

You might hate her politics, but she moves like a “G.” Recently, on an episode of Fox News on she was asked about President Trump’s connection to Rudy Giuliani associate Lev Parnas and she would not move on her talking points or saying anything that would fare poorly on her boss.

The White House counselor was asked four times on Thursday morning to “flat-out” debunk the claims Trump knew what was going on between Parnas and the Ukraine madness that is directly connected to the call and the outreach that had 45 impeached. But like a true ‘ride or die,’ she would not budge- and did not give a straight answer at all.


She ain’t said nuffin!

They kept asking. The host would not let up, but she would not address it.

They asked her and she replied, “Remember, people who go on TV are never under oath.”

Not satisfactory.

Fox News anchor Bill Hemmer asked, “Are you saying flat-out, 100 percent what he alleges is not true, yes or no?”

Still no straight answers.

“You cannot say what someone else knew or thought,” Conway said. “That was a TV show, not a court of law.” 

Hemmer stopped that madness and continued to push. “…back on Parnas, cut through it: Is he lying or not, Kellyanne?” 

“He’s a proven liar, he’s been indicted,” was her rebuttal. Conway was still not answering the question, perhaps because doing so might further incriminate her boss.

Hemmer’s co-host Sandra Smith could not take it any longer. “Just to finish on that point, it’s a yes or no question,” she said. “‘Trump knew exactly what was going on,’ said Lev Parnas, and we’re asking, is that statement true or false?” 

“Trump knew what was going on how?” Conway stubbornly continued the run-around. “In other words, what is Lev Parnas actually saying?” 

Exhausted, the duo just moved on.

Tekashi… you see that? If you are going to rock with the gangsters (and believe you’ze me the president is a gangsta), you have to know how to swerve. Conway could have taught the Brooklyn emcee a thing or two about playing his or her part.