Tommy Davidson and Jamie Foxx first encountered each other on set of In Living Color, and there was tension out the gate.

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His upcoming memoir Living in Color details their first incident that went left. They were filming a sketch where Foxx portrayed his breakout character, Wanda, who was giving Davidson a massage.

The Woo actor claims Foxx ripped his underwear, leaving him naked, which had him ready to “bust him in his mouth, saying, ‘What the f–k, motherf–ka!’” He writes that although the multi-faceted artist is “talented” his humor is “mercilessly mean.”


The pair reunited again on the set of Booty Call and he says the tension immediately resurfaced. Davidson says Jamie didn’t understand the concept of him being a “supporting actor” and “was determined to steal every scene he could.”

Tommy Davidson says Foxx maintained the competitive spirit during a one-on-one game of basketball, but that didn’t help his score, which was 9-0. The comedian says he went for a layup and Foxx charged at him.

“If I had hit my head on the hardtop concrete, that would have been the end of me,” he writes. “I was ready to give Jamie some street-fighting lessons too, but the crew pulled us off each other and held me back.”

But Davidson added some positivity to the story, “Maybe [Foxx is] a better person now. I would like to believe he is.”

Living in Color is slated to be released on January 28th.