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California based Hip-Hop artist Truth Ali announces the imminent release of his new album titled ​In Vivo​. This impressive record is home to 17 joints, and offers an incredibly contemporary version of what the best traditional Hip-Hop has seen throughout recent history.

An excellent production, ​In Vivo​ is a much anticipated album, as Truth Ali built some heavy momentum these past months, with brilliant releases such as “Wait A Minute,” “Make A Playlist And Go” and “Guns In Space”, 3 tracks that made it to the album’s exclusive tracklist.

Truth’s energetic yet perfectly mastered flow effortlessly conveys his overflowing creativity and dazzling technique, which makes him one of the few artists in 2020 that could be compared to legends of the game such as Tupac, Ludacris, or Busta Rhymes just to name a few.
Truth Ali’s music represents the struggle and hustle of his hometown combined with the laid-back appeal of San Diego, California, and ​In Vivo​ is probably the clearest representation for that so far.