When it comes to being an entrepreneur, nobody is doing a better job leading the charge than black women.

Atlanta tech entrepreneur Jewel Burks Solomon has been tapped as the first head of the new Google for Startups in the United States.

The newly minted role was created to help new and struggling startups with products, connections, and best practices to enable startups to build something better.


The Howard alumna spoke about her new position saying, “I am thrilled about the opportunity to do work I’m deeply passionate about, to help level the playing field in the startup ecosystem. I have a great opportunity to highlight the work of incredible startups here and in other markets that have historically been under resourced.” 

In 2013, Solomon co-founded Partpic, a technology business whose product allowed users to identify unknown parts for maintenance by taking a picture of them and then matching their use.  Three years later, Amazon went on to purchase that company.

With Solomon residing in Atlanta, Google seems ready to double down and invest in the city and make it another tech hub similar to Silicon Valley.

“Google has been fortunate to call Georgia home for the last eighteen years. There’s amazing local talent in the area and a strong spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship, which continues to attract companies, big and small to the area, and we’re proud to be a part of the thriving tech ecosystem,” they said. 

Google identifies that small businesses and startups are the fundamental foundation for growth in our economy, so creating this new role showcases their long term investment.

Solomon leads a continuous showing of just how bright and powerful the African American female entrepreneur can be when given an opportunity to shine.