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The relationship between 50 Cent and Starz over Power can best be described as fragile. With just two episodes left in the series, 50 and the network are at it again leading to a leak of the conclusion.

“These people at Starz bugging out, talking to me like they crazy. Like I ain’t who I am, they got me f*cked up. I will put all this shit out tonight.”

50 Cent

And what 50 put out tonight was a clip of the conclusion of the show.

SPOILER ALERT: If you do not wish to know what happened stop reading here.

In the clip, Tasha St. Patrick can be seen holding a gun on Ghost saying “I can’t let you destroy my son” before pulling the trigger. While 50 has the world believing it was Tasha, there is another clip floating online of Tariq pulling the trigger. The show seemingly has a couple of alternate endings in the chamber.


Both clips can be seen below.