2020 has been off to a great start creatively, for the music industry! Alicia Keys has announced to fans that she will be releasing a project titled, A.L.I.C.I.A on March 20th of this year. Recently, Alicia shared her song, “Underdog” with fans following her release of songs, “Show Me Love” and “Time Machine.”

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A.L.I.C.I.A. will be the New York singer’s seventh studio album, as she hasn’t released an album since her 2016 album titled, “HERE” released on November 4th.

“Let’s go this album is crazyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!” said her husband Swizz Beatz. Recently the power couple has been in the headlines following the drama between the couple and Swizz Beatz’s baby mother, Jahna Sebastian. Hopefully, Alicia will use that as fuel to get fans back to that soulful R&B. Regardless, its good to see Alicia stepping back on the music scene, we can’t wait to hear what the singer has in store!