With all of the high profile attention that Kanye and Kim get for silly things when they reach back to communities (especially those that they seemingly have no contact with), you have to take pause and congratulate them on their philanthropic efforts.

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Thus we stop and salute them for paying for hundreds to see the social justice movie about Bryan Stevenson’s life, Just Mercy.

According to Koco ABC 5 News, Kimye did a theater buy out in Oklahoma City with a group called “Represent Justice.” OKC will not be the only city that they will sponsor movie visits to. They will also do screenings in Washington DC, Milwaukee, Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, and Miami.


There is a strong development in both of these Hip-Hop darlings lives that may have compelled their support: Kanye has recently converted to Christianity and according to the prophet Micah, he most do justice, love mercy and walk humbly with his God, and Kim has invested a sizable amount of energy in advocating for prisoners and probably inspired by Stevenson and his work.