On Friday, A North Carolina Dad has let his anger get the best of him. The Dad, who’s name is Barry Lee Jones, tackled a student-athlete in the middle of a high school wrestling match, as a retaliation for an illegal move that was performed on his son.

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Following this father’s decision, he was arrested the next day and charged with simple assault and disorderly conduct, but released on $1,000 bail. In the footage of the match, you can see Jones’ son receiving a suplex by his opponent, causing him to land on his back. Just after the referee blows the whistle, you can see a raging Barry Lee Jones charging onto the floor, tackling his sons’ opponent. Authorities share that the opponent was not injured.

“It’s very unfortunate, and it just shows a society that I feel sometimes we’re just losing all decorum. I want to say that the parents from that high school wrote us a lovely letter saying they were equally appalled. It’s not who they are as a community. And I certainly apologize to the students at both high schools who experienced that, particularly the student who was attacked,” says the superintendent of schools for Guilford County, Sharon Contreas.


Jones has been banned from Cabarrus County School’s campuses. “We have expectations for student decorum and sportsmanship during extra-curricular and athletic events, and our expectations for spectators are no different,” says the school’s district chief, Ronnye Boone. “The actions displayed by a spectator at the wrestling match, fall far below our expectations. We do not condone his actions and have banned him from our campuses.”

No comment has yet been made from Barry Lee Jones.