PARTYNEXTDOOR was quiet for a solid 2 years prior to a double single release last November. The OVO crooner released “The News” and “Loyal” before the end of the last decade. The latter track features Drake. PND has teased some pictures on IG and has alerted everyone to look out for his album later this month.

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Yesterday, he took it a step further and release a video to “Loyal.” In the new video, PND operates as the hero in a claymation takeover. While officers and government officials try and save the City of Toronto from giant women, PARTYNEXTDOOR steps in to assure that the women are safe.

Initially, he teams up the government, only to sabotage their operation. He then joins the giant women and watch as they overtake the city. By the end of the video, he finds comfort in these women, despite their imposing threat. He enjoys a smoke session, watches the sunset and catches some shut-eye with the ladies. There is no claymation appearance by Champagne Papi.


The video is directed by animator and sculptor, William Childs. The London based designer has worked with Rolling Loud, RCA Records, Reebok, Adidas and more.

Peep the “Loyal” video below and lookout for a new PARTYNEXTDOOR album this month.