On Tuesday night, an unfortunate altercation between Kansas and rival Kansas State took place on the basketball court that reminisced of the malice in the palace.

Kansas’ Silvio De Sousa was trying to dribble out the clock with under 10 seconds left and had the ball stolen from him by DaJuan Gordon after crossing halfcourt with under five seconds left. Gordon tried to put in a layup at the buzzer and had his shot blocked by De Sousa. From there, a fight broke out:

Here is an extreme closeup angle of the altercation:


Punches were thrown on both sides, with De Sousa in the middle of the altercation. At one point, you see De Sousa with a chair over his head, ready to hit anyone on sight. Both coaches express their frustration about the altercation after the game.

The game actually did not end after the fight. The officials ruled there was 0.1 second left and gave Kansas State a technical free throw, which they made.

Most likely all that took part in the altercation will be disciplined for their actions. Some players may be dismissed from the team. Stay tuned as more details are sure to come soon.