There is something in the Schuylkill. There has to be. There is an uncanny number of lyrical miracles in the South Eastern Pennsylvania area, and quietly, they have influenced with their unique gift of gab, every rap arena that they have stepped in.

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Schooly D. Black Thought. Steady B. Cool C. Bahamadia. EST. Peedi Crack. Beanie Sigel. MC Breeze. Will Smith aka The Fresh Prince. Eve. PNB Rock. Yvette Money. Freeway. Charlie Baltimore. Tracey Lee. Ms. Jade. Lil Uzi Vert. Cyssero. Bri Steves. Tuff Crew. Malika Luv. 2 Too Many. Reed Dollaz. E-NESS. M.C. Ludicrous.

Meek Mill.




Philadelphia is known for its spitters. And finally, Bill Collector, a battle rapper out of Norristown, is adding his name to the list of emcees that have proudly rocked the mic. And currently, he is probably the most sought after battle rappers from the Cheesesteak capital of the world and he is taking noooo shorts. Why should he? He is holding the city down in a realm that Philly used to dominate.

The Source sat linked with BC and got to know a little more about this emerging star.

SM: How does it feel to carry Philly Battle Rap Scene on your back? 

BC: It’s a very different feeling I can tell you that. 

I’m in one of the best spaces I’ve ever been in my entire life. Especially with my past. I was “The Most Hated.” That’s my original team: Most Hated, PA.

It defined the struggles of being from a small town outside of the major cities, being counted out before you make it in and being judged before being spoken to. This is the best feeling in the world. 

I’m in the position I would’ve been in years ago, if I had the proper guidance and knowledge of the game. Philly was not an easy city to win over. I had to prove my talent, my loyalty, and I had to be who I said I was.

I love this feeling. I have nothing left to prove. Norristown/Philly I got us! 

Having people like Cassidy try and play you or Meek try and play the culture, what keeps you focus and so creative with your bars? 

I never saw Meek show any animosity towards battle rap and battle rap loves Meek. Meek had my battle on his Instagram and all that. Now Cassidy, on the other hand, lost all my respect the first time I met the man. 

Coming from Norristown, 20 minutes from Philly, we idolized Cassidy for a long time. Yet he does nothing for us, nothing for the city of Philly or the state of Pennsylvania. 

For him to act as if he runs the game, and he is so great is a slap in the face to the ones putting in actual work. Just to get on stage and not only embarrass himself, but the city as a whole. That’s what keeps me creative. Haters and doubters like Cassidy. I thrive off doubt. Hate. Being the underdog and that makes me write at maximum heat level. 

How did you develop the super-duper scope and when did you realize it was a thing? 

I went hunting with my Caucasian friends during a ski trip. It was the weirdest experience ever. My friend’s dad had this rifle. Man… It was about 5 feet tall with this scope… I swear I saw Japan. I wrote the bar and said it vs. John John Da Don in 2012. I brought it back last year just fooling around and it took off again. I even had to make T-Shirts on my site from the demand. 

Not sure why they love it so much but I sure do appreciate them for it and its more to come! Super-Duper-Duper Scope! 

Your vet status undeniable, but why is it such a struggle to get the respect you believe you deserve? 

I was a knucklehead when I first came in. I didn’t know what to say to people. I didn’t know to deal with the fans, the fame, the money. I moved wrong thinking the rap game was the same as the streets. 

I made the wrong enemies. Took me some years to clean it all up, but I cleaned it all up. I’m a stand-up man that can admit to his own faults and wrongdoings. I was young and dumb but now I am wise. This year will be the year that respect level changes for the better. Believe that. 

What does 2020 have in store for your fans? 

Music. More music. Battle Rap Radio. I started a radio station. Been running some test runs overseas. All battle rapper music. Name a battler, I have their music. Real BDS radio spins. Royalties for registered artists. Bridging that gap between the industry and battle rap one step at a time. You’re going to see me battling some of the HEAVIEST names in battle rap. New Single with DJ Kid Capri. A tour. Not just a tour but a tour-tour. 40-50 cities I’m hearing. 

Hopefully, this sitdown with YSL Records happens. Maybe Quality Control Records as well. Shoutout to soundByte Mgmt, D. Chamberz, and Dre Dennis among others for helping me get my career going in the right direction. 

What music do you have and who would you like to collaborate within and outside of battle rap? 

I have a few new singles I released on all platforms; “One Time,” “Occupation,” and “Find a Way” are the 3 most popular ones out now. But I would like to work with Travis Scott, Gunna, Lil Baby, Meek, Chris Brown, Justin Bieber, Lil Uzi, Blac Youngsta, and the Migos. And one day I will.

Top 10 Philly Emcees 

 Battlers: (In Order)

 Bill Collector, Reed Dollaz, E Ness, Buttah from Da Block, K. Walker, Kaboom ,Dubb Da Feenom, Fire Da Misfit, Bigg Hann, Rosenberg Raw 

 Rappers: (No Order)

 Meek Vodka, Ar-Ab, Black Deniro, Ghost Pain, Velli GCL (Rest in Peace), Most Hated PA, Born Cold, Rich-Flow, Blac Papi, B.U. (Rest in Peace) 

What’s Your Favorite Philly Jam?

It is a toss-up because they are so good.”So Damn Tuff,” “Brand New Funk” or “Greatest Man Alive” best party song. 

That Brand New Funk hits DIFFERENT, but I’m going with So Damn Tuff

My are these your favorites?

Because they were my dad’s favorite. Free my dad. 

Who is your Favorite Philly Team? 

Sixers, shoutout to the bro Mike Scott. Bout to get some work done with him soon. 

Where are the Best 3 Cheesesteak Spots 

Papa Guidos Issack & Steves LaRomas 

Best Water Ice in Philly: Morones or Rita’s? 

Rita’s. They let me buy wholesale. Big bricks, the whole thing. I got kids so one water ice is not the wave in any form. Gotta pull up with the whole brick and break it down. Everybody eats B.