Meet Dimetri Hogan – the 27-year-old creative entrepreneur who is shaking up the fashion and art world from New York to Los Angeles. 

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While working for top publications such as GQ and The Influential, touring with celebrities like the Weeknd, and simultaneously leading the marketing efforts of prominent restaurants such as Soho’s Little Prince, Hogan climbed the ranks to become one of today’s most prominent tastemakers. Making noise across numerous industries and markets, Hogan’s innovative drive was noticed by T1 Advertising, one of the fasting growing digital marketing agencies.

Hogan has recently been profiled by the likes of Vegas Magazine and Yahoo News alongside Forbes Magazine’s Thomas Herd for his work on the creative spectrum at T1, where he just earned the title of Chief Creative Officer. 


With his newly secured role, Hogan is collaborating between the company’s four international offices in Monaco, Miami, New York and LA while focusing on uncovering and showcasing today’s real movers and shakers in fashion and art.  

“Having the unique opportunity to develop a business out of something you love is an anomaly. With the extraordinary team at T1 Advertising, I strive to break the traditional standards of today’s PR agency with innovative and scientific marketing solutions,” Hogan said.

In the fashion space, Dimetri recently curated a shoot with rising model and actress Mariama Diallo that’s redolent of an iconic Ellen von Unwerth’s shoot with supermodel Naomi Campbell created in 1991. Through Dimetri’s tasteful approach, Mariama defies the gimmicky exterior of today’s “Instagram model” and gives us a flash back to the similar to his ventures in fashion, Hogan has found success in the art sector. He recently began shooting prominent art gallerist Steve Turner and his gallery, the Steve Turner Galley, located in Los Angeles. This gallery is one of the premier incubators for upcoming contemporary artists and is currently showcasing Jesse Pollock and Lydia Blakeley. Dimitri captured Steve Turner in an unprecedented manner, showcasing his desire to foster cultural diversity and nurture raw talent.

While discussing some of his emerging artists, Turner said “I look for a range of attributes. Artists that stand out as interesting are highly unusual people. They typically have highly distinct backgrounds, rare natural talent, unusual and deep interests, high intelligence and a strong ambition to share their work with a broader public.”

Hogan shares the sentiment as he aims to shed light on the next generation of industry icons and leaders, whether it be through his photography, marketing efforts or his creative direction at T1. To see more of Hogan’s work and uncover his creative endeavors, visit