At least two individuals were involved in a fatal explosion Friday morning at a Northwest Houston manufacturing facility. Authorities say that the explosion had a heavy impact on the city, damaging most of its buildings and nearby homes. Reports of the explosion began at around 4:15 AM.

“This is, in essence, a disaster area right now,” said police chief Art Acevedo. The explosion happened in a facility at Watson Grinding and Manufacturing, which makes valves and gives thermal spray coatings in different industries.

Acevedo assures residents that they are still looking to find out what exactly caused the sudden explosion. “We don’t have any evidence that an intentional act is involved,” he stated, but we are aware that authorities and arson experts are reviewing the matter.

“Look for any debris, any body parts, anything that may be related,” Acevedo instructed his team. The debris for the explosion is spreading between a quarter-mile to a mile away. Police have even requested assistance in their search. So far, one person has been injured due to shattered glass and two people have been killed in the explosion. None of the names of the deceased or injured individuals have yet to be released.

Houston authorities have set up evacuation centers for those that may have lost their homes due to damage. At this time, we will keep residents and officials in Houston in our thoughts and prayers.