Looks like things are still unsettled for the Kardashian/White family. Both Rob and Blac Chyna have been in a legal battle of custody for their daughter, Dream Kardashian who is just three years old. Rob claims that Chyna has been abusing drugs and alcohol in the presence of their child and allowing strangers into her home. Blac Chyna claims that Rob has been trying to bully her and ruin her career.

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New court documentation shares that Rob and the Kardashian clan want Chyna to hand over her financial records to prove that she is in financial distress. “The Plaintiff has claimed that the alleged tortious conduct of Defendants has destroyed the entire trajectory of her career as a businesswoman, entertainer and television personality and that she and her closely-held entities Blac Chyna Inc., 88 FIN and LASHED have been financially devastated as a result of Defendants’ alleged misconduct,” the motion states. Chyna has refused to give up records proving that she is in financial distress.

In 2018, Chyna sued Rob and his family, claiming that they are the reason behind Rob and Chyna getting canceled which she claims ruined her business and put her at a loss for millions of dollars. Rob and the Kardashian clan are demanding that the Deserve rapper hand over her financial records to prove that Dream is living in “healthy living conditions.” Rob is going for primary custody of the couple’s daughter, Dream Kardashian. It’s safe to say, Blac Chyna isn’t going to let that happen without a fight!


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