While walking the red carpet at The GRAMMYs, Ozzie Osbourne the “Prince of Darkness” speaks on his recently diagnosed Parkinson’s disease. Accompanied by his daughter, Kelli Osborne and they looked spectacular in black and white.

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When asked by GRAMMY‘s red carpet correspondent and Entertainment Tonight host Kevin Frazier how cool was it to be there tonight, Ozzie answered:

“This past year has been powerful. I have surgery on Monday. I announced to the world that I have Parkinson’s. Its been one Rock ‘N Roll year for me.”


The Black Sabbath singer will be having neck surgery this week.

Kevin then asked, “And you’re still going on tour?”

“If I am well enough. I’m going to work towards it.” Ozzie shared.

A supportive Kelly jumped in for her dad and offered a realistic plan, stating that he has therapy that will help get him strong and stable enough for such a labor-intensive project like tour. Like we are talking about the Osbourne that was in bat-head-biting Black Sabbath… tour can’t be easy.

But daddy jumped in to finish, “Every day… five days a week. I am trying to do the best I can. Neck surgery is not easy.”

Kevin agreed, “Yeah, its no joke.”

Osbourne, while being this old-time music legend, is still the dad that you saw on his hit reality show, The Osbournes. He ended his interview revealing he doesn’t listen to new music. Only what his daughter tells him about.