Maya Moore is willing to put her WNBA career on hold again to fight injustice going on around her.

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Moore, who is under contract with the Minnesota Lynx, is opting out of her second straight season to bring awareness to and fight for the release of Jonathan Irons.

The New York Times reports that Irons, now 39, was only 16 years old when he was accused of breaking into a home in St. Louis and allegedly shooting the homeowner during a burglary. The victim testified in court that Irons was the person responsible, but there were no witnesses, fingerprints, footprints, DNA, or blood evidence to connect Irons to the crime. Along with there being no tangible evidence, the officer who interrogated Irons did so alone and did not record the conversation.


Moore’s decision to sit out a second season while still being under contract with the Lynx comes at a time when the WNBA announced that they are increasing the average salary of their players to nearly $130,000 and a maximum salary above $500,000. Despite walking away from a six-figure salary, Moore has no regrets.

“Basketball has not been foremost in my mind. I’ve been able to rest, and connect with people around me, actually be in their presence after all of these years on the road,” she said. “And I’ve been able to be there for Jonathan.”

Moore is clearly standing behind her convictions and wants to see the entire process play out. If it means putting a hold on her basketball career to see Iron’s name be cleared, so be it. In today’s climate, a lot of people talk the talk, but Moore is on the front line standing firm, waiting for justice to rewrite a wrong she truly believes in.