In the new episode of BET Network’s show, Finding BET, R&B singer singer Case Woodard aka Case opens up about his extensive career in the music industry. The Mount Vernon singer shares secrets about his classic singles, his affair with singer Mary J. Blige and explains how singer Beyonce became his love interest in his video for ‘Happily Ever After’.

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The Def Jam-signed singer also details why he hated his debut album Case and living with constant comparisons to R&B group Jodeci. He also reveals that after working with Mary J. Blige on three to four songs they began having an affair. He explains how he ultimately ended up losing her while getting caught sleeping with groupies on tour.

For his second album, Personal Conversations he was he was able to choose a few production and songs and finally on Open Letter—his favorite album— because he had complete control. Case also acknowledges his departure from Def Jam which reveals included lies and sabotage.


Watch Case’s episode of Finding BET below.