There are nothing but twists and turns connected to the final episodes of 50 Cent’s hit show, Power. And it seems like episode 14, “Reversal of Fortune,” from the last season of the series is no exception.

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In this episode, we see two special guest appearances from Cedric the Entertainment and Larenz Tate’s brother, Lahmar Tate.

While it is great to see Lahmar on the big screen with his brother, but it is Cedric the Entertainer that got everyone talking.


Comedian Cedric played a not so funny role as a southern hitman named Croop. On his criminal team is his son. There is a sliver of humor in that he is a hitman, a treacherous one at that, that loves country music.

SPOILER ALERT: When Croop comes to New York, he is there at the request of Candidate Tate and is hired to kill his adversary to James St. Patrick aka Ghost. But killing Ghost was not as easy as planned.

While trying to pop up on James/Ghost, he ran into Tommy. And well, Tommy did you know… what Tommy does.

It was nice to see Cedric on the screen in this capacity. Do you think you want to see him in more runs like this?