Gianna Bryant was gearing up to carry-on the Black Mamba legacy, with her father’s guidance, but unfortunately, that dream was cut short.

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Gigi was aboard the helicopter crash en route to her basketball game that killed Kobe Bryant, and seven other victims.

TMZ reports that the NBA legend filed a trademark on December 30, 2019, for Gigi’s nickname, “Mambacita,” which pays tribute to her dad’s legendary legacy, his mentality, and skill set. According to the documents, he planned to use the nickname for all sorts of sportswear, including shirts, shorts, hats, jerseys, sweatpants, sweatshirts, and hoodies.


It’s still unclear what caused the crash but early reports suggest the weather conditions were too foggy to fly. The pilot was reportedly warned that he’s flying “too low” but it was already too late at that point.

Gianna Bryant was only 13-years-old and her teammate, Alyssa Altobelli was also aboard the fatal crash. Kobe praised both of their basketball skills in the following post, and it saddens us to know that we’ll never get to see them live out their full potential.