Hulu has officially renewed the highly favored scripted series, Wu-Tang: An American Saga for a second season. The series is a plodding scope into the origins of the Wu-Tang Clan collective and while mostly fictional, the series tells the tales of actual events that took place during their infancy. Season one, which featured only 10 episodes, drew viewers into a gist of impatience to witness the tales of the making of the legendary group’s music.

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There is no set date for the premiere of season two. However, Meaww reported Hulu is expected to release the season during the second half of 2020.

Season one premiered on the Hulu network last year on Sept. 4 and left a generally positive impression on viewers, ultimately causing a high level of anticipation for the coming episodes and continued to do so every week.


Created and written by Alex Tse and the RZA, the series highlights the journey of each Wu-Tang emcee and puts into context the social-political reality of the clan which is filled with street hustling tales, survival measures, hood beef, Knowledge of Self, and musical wisdom.

While the series may appear to depict a non-fiction tale, it is indeed scripted with a couple of fictional points. Starting with the Wu-Tang Clan’s Staten Island dominance. While members, GZA and Ol’ Dirty Bastard are Brooklyn dwellers the series depicts them to be Staten Island residents and does not mention being Brooklyn bound despite scenes appearing to be tapped in Brooklyn.

Another fictional component is the flag of the Five Percent Nation. The flag worn by the gentleman in the Stapleton Projects scene was a yin and yang symbol featuring the main colors of the Five Percent Nation, black, white, and gold. The actual flag of the Five Percent Nation actually features the sun, a moon, and an 8 point star.

Season one did not feature U-God, leaving viewers in wonder about the actual story and direction despite being scripted. Cappadonna had a one time feature in season one, mainly due to his incarceration at the time. He was featured in the prison scene with RZA’s brother, Divine, who is played by Julian Elijah Martinez, as his helping hand during a vicious fight in the slammer. It is not clear if U-God will be featured in season two however, there is a great chance that viewers will be in for a surprise.