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The Source let you know that Yo Gotti was prepared to release his new album in January. The CMG leader followed up the album announcement with a new single and video for “H.O.E. (Heaven on Earth).” Just ahead of the Untrapped album hitting the streets this Friday, Gotti has released the colorful cover art for the album.

Revealing the album art on Instagram, Yo Gotti delivered a message:

“Fuck being politically correct! Fuck who gets offended! I’ve done sh!t that I aint proud of that I can’t take back. I fell out wit niggas I love but if I see them it’s still up there. I lost niggas close to me, some to the Feds, some to the Grave. I feel their families blame me. Shit, sometimes I even blame myself. I’ve had over 10,000 H.O.E.s in the bed but Ain’t had 1 good night of sleep. & I lost the only one I loved in the process. Damn these streets had me Trapped! Let every line feed their mind. Let #UNTRAPPED be the beginning!!! 1/31”