TNT Sports held what might have been the best group therapy session in television history last night. While everyone is still processing the tragedy of Sunday night, Shaquille O’Neal’s raw emotion on-air over the loss of Kobe Bryant definitely made for must-see tv.

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O’Neal, who was teammates with Kobe on the Lakers and won three championships with him, talked about how he learned of the news and said he hadn’t “felt pain that sharp in a while.”

Shaq talking about not being able to joke at Kobe’s Hall of Fame ceremony and more is what really broke everything down.


O’Neal said in his emotional speech that he plans to change the way he looks at life after losing Bryant too soon.

It’s been a rough few months for O’Neal. Back in October, he lost his sister  Ayesha Harrison-Jex to cancer. While Shaq and Kobe didn’t have the best relationship after basketball, they did find the time to mend the fence and rekindle a friendship towards the end.