Terry Crews has been catching heat from all sides ever since his TODAY show appearance where he invalidated Gabrielle Union’s claims of racism on America’s Got Talent.

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Many on social media have called out Crews for his hypocrisy because many women came to his defense when he came forward as a #MeToo victim after being groped William Morris Agency exec., Adam Venit. In return, when Gabrielle Union brought forward claims of racism on America’s Got Talent, Crews invalidated her experiences, saying that he never faced any racism on the show.

On Friday, Jan 31, Crews took to Twitter to apologize to Union for his comments. Crews went on to say that he needs to acknowledge the pain of others and realizes there were a lot of black women who were hurt by his comments. He goes on to say that he “hears”, “respects”, “understands”, and “supports” black women and that he was speaking from his own point of view when he made the comments.


He then goes on to directly apologize to Union, saying that it was never his intention to invalidate her experience.

He ends his apology by saying that Union is a role model to the entire black community and that in trying to be a “neutral” co-worker, he should have understood that she needed his support.

Apparently Union’s husband, Dwayne Wade, had enough of what Terry Crews had to say. Wade tweeted “Someone please take @terrycrews phone.