Antonio Brown is on an apology tour. He has saying that he is sorry to the NFL and to the Hollywood (Fl.) Police Department for his outrageous antics and various outbursts of disrespect that he was engaged in over the last few months. However, what about the women that he has been accused of assaulting (physically and sexually)?

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According to TMZ, earlier this year Brown was kicked out of the Hollywood Police Dept. circle for inappropriately cursing in front of children and berating officers for responding to a domestic violence report at his home between him and his children’s mother. For that, the department not only seems to prohibit him from coming around and disassociated themselves from him, but they also returned a monetary donation he had made.

Imagine a community program saying, “Nah… we good with money from you.”


But this weekend, Brown wanted to reset the narrative.

AB said in his post, “To everyone who I may have offended or Disrespected at the @hollywoodflpd Of the state of Florida, I would like to sincerely give you all my apology from the top and bottom of my heart, And as a human being and an professional athlete. I can only there to help me. Thanks to you all who sincerely accept my Sincere apology. And we must all know that God is a Forgiving God. P.S. The “PAL” Youth League, I’m looking to working with you all again in the near future.”

When TMZ met up with him on Saturday, Feb. 1st, they asked him if anyone has gotten back to him from the HPD and what prompted his Instagram statement, and he said:

“I just want to pay homage to anyone that I may have caused harm or disrespect. Part of growing up and being a man is admitting your faults and wrongs. “

When asked if he thinks that he has grown, AB shared that growth is what it is all about for him. A part of his growth is having a new circle of really positive influences.

Brown using social media and TMZ to get his sorries out to the world.

The embattled former NFL player told Josina Anderson from ESPN that he feels as though he “could have done a lot of things better” this past season and his actions within the sport and also in the world made him appear to be “cancer of the NFL.”

“I think I owe the whole NFL an apology and my past behavior.” he went on to say, “just been the cancer of the NFL. The problem child, the guy who gets in trouble, the kind of guy who has the bad narrative about him.”

“I feel like I never really got in a conflict with no woman,” he said. “I just feel like I’m a target so, anybody can come against me and say anything [that] I have to face. There’s no support, there’s no egos, there’s no rules in it, anyone can come after me for anything. No proof or whatever. ‘He said, she’s saying.’”

However, he does not apologize to any of the women that he has been accused of violating.

Not to his children’s mother who he has kicked out his house and demeaned in front of their children. Not the women that have accused him of either sexual assault, misconduct or rape, or the woman that he pushed in Pittsburg. Or all the white women that felt disrespected by his album entitled, No White Women 2020.

Well, this is what we know. HE HAS NOT BEEN CONVICTED OF ANYTHING.

Regarding the allegations presented by 28-year-old Britney Taylor that asserts that the 31-year-old Brown sexually assaulted her three times between in 2017 & 2018, and raped her the third time, that case is still going on and Taylor is working with the NFL and their investigation team.

Sports Illustrated completed their own investigation and found a second woman that has had run-ins with him.

Via SI: “In total, the stories of those who have encountered Brown paint a portrait of a superstar athlete living a rockstar lifestyle, of a man who rose from poverty and anonymity in Miami to stardom and wealth on a national stage, only to make a habit of insulting, attacking and betraying people he saw as being beneath his station.”

SI reported that this second accuser has been receiving “threatening” text messages from AB after the first SI report came out. She also said that she had been receiving group text messages with a bunch of other people on it. Therein the text messages, there were photos of her and her children. Scary stuff because it seems like maybe the group might be tracking her and trying to intimidate her.

Again, there are just a bunch of charges against Brown. This makes sense for him to try and make peace. He needs peace. Especially since Clutch Points reports, that he may be “facing life in prison if he is convicted of all charges.” And that he is also facing charges including felony burglary with battery (outside fo the sexual allegations) that carries a potential sentence of life in prison.

Well, maybe he can’t apologize because the cases are still going on… and that would say that he is guilty. And maybe he doesn’t have to… he is still innocent… until proven guilty.