Everyone was in love with Denise Huxtable. She was so fine. Clearly, outside of Claire, the most dreamed about of the Huxtable women.

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For almost seven years (off and on) everyone’s brother, cousin, neighbor, classmate and maybe even sister had a crush on Lisa Bonét and her ethereal portrayal of the second oldest Cosby kid. Even your straight sister loved her or wanted to be her.

People lost their minds (namely Dr. Cosby) when she was in Angel Heart in 1987. Then everyone wanted to go to an HBCU after she enrolled in Hilman (only for a year or so). Then when she got married to the military guy, Lt. Martin Kendal and became a step-milf, introducing us to a young Raven-Symoné who played their daughter, Olivia. After that, she broke so many hearts by linking with Lenny Kravitz, but it made sense because… just look at them… they were like two untouchables touching… hell yeah… that made sense. Plus, they gave the world Zoe Kravitz who basically combined the two out-of-this-world fineness all in one person.


And right when you thought it would not get any better— her stock could not get any higher— she goes missing for a few years and then pops up with like a Greek-god-like Bohemian man mixed with Native Hawaiian, German, Irish and Native American named Jason Momoa. Momoa has been at the front of our national mind, shifting our attention to his hauntingly beautiful self, as he plays Aquaman in all of the DC films.

And so… since he is in such high demand with a Q score out of this world… he has been one booked for a Rocket Mortgage commercial about being “comfortable” during the 2020 Super Bowl. Actually, there are a couple of commercials. See below:

But what made everyone stop in their tracks was not the intended shocker where Momoa sheds his muscles and all of that hair. But at the very end, when his wife appears.

Her voice. Her profile (yes, we only get her profile) and her cascading locs… basically had us rewinding and rewinding. So far, that couple of seconds of heaven, is so far the best thing about the entire game.

We really have to find a way to get her back on TV. See what folk are saying: