There are a lot of things that we can say about Donald Trump, but him being the sharpest knife in the kitchen is most certainly not one of them.

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Who can forget when he said that he is proud of the work that Fredrick Douglass is doing? #ShoutouttoBlackHistoryMonth

Back in 2017, Trump made such a silly statement to a room full of Black History scholars and appreciators while visiting the National Museum of African-American History and Culture.


“I am very proud now that we have a museum on the National Mall where people can learn about Reverend King, so many other things,” Trump shared with the room. Then he opened his mouth landing his size 12 foot in it. “Frederick Douglass is an example of somebody who’s done an amazing job and is being recognized more and more, I notice.”

Oh, Mr. President.

While you might not expect him to know Black people’s history, which is actually all people’s history, you would most certainly expect him to know what goes on in Wonder Bread America. Like… Uhm… the Super Bowl…

Like last night, 45 totally got twisted up (again) regarding where the Kansas City Chiefs are from. In a tweet he shot out, after their win, he said, “Congratulations to the Kansas City Chief on a great game, and a fantastic comeback, under immense pressure. You represented the Great State of Kansas and, in fact, the entire USA so very well. Our Country is PROUD OF YOU!” He shot that out around 10:15 pm.

How do we know the time? Well, the cultural commentary and community watchman, Marc Lamont Hill screenshot it and posed the question that any good social studies student in 6th grade could answer, “Who’s gonna tell Trump that the Kansas City Chiefs are in Missouri, not Kansas?”

Someone told him, approximately 12 minutes later.

But they were not quick enough. The Interweb went crazy making fun of our Commander in Chief. He is currently trending #TrumpIsAnIdiot on Twitter.

If this doesn’t turn those two red states, Kansas and Missouri, blue than you might as well let him shoot someone in the middle of 5th Avenue.