The Kansas City Chiefs capped off an amazing playoff run en route to a 31-20 Super Bowl win over the San Francisco 49ers. It was the Chiefs’ first Super Bowl win in 50 years. The real question seems to be, is this the dawn of a new NFL Dynasty. Here are three reasons it could be.

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Patrick Mahomes

Mahomes is only 24 years old, but in just three seasons in the NFL, he seems like a seasoned veteran. Already a league MVP and Super Bowl MVP, Mahomes hasn’t even hit the prime of his career. With a young receiving core, this is only the beginning of his dominance of the league.


Andy Ried

Reid had long been regarded as one of the best coaches in the NFL, now that he has a Super Bowl win under his belt, Reid has all the motivation to get another. Ried is an offensive-minded genius. With a young quarterback and weapons at his disposal, another Super Bowl run should be expected.

New England Patriots Are Done?

With Tom Brady aging and possibly considering leaving New England, the Chiefs appear to be the class of the AFC going forward. The Patriots are currently don’t have the weapons to match up well with the Chiefs. At 42, Brady isn’t the best quarterback in the league and with no deep threats on his sideline, nobody is afraid of them anymore. What separates the elite teams from the good teams is identity and vision. Those are two things the Patriots don’t have currently.