Another massive earthquake has hit the Caribbean paradise, Puerto Rico, and it has left islanders wondering “What is going on?”

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It has been a little under a month (Jan. 7th) since “La Isla Bonita” was hit with the devastating effects of the 6.4 magnitude temblor. So, people are still trying to recover. This newest quake, that registered at a 5 on the Richter magnitude scale, hit on Tuesday, February 4th around 10:45 am (EST). And according to the US Geological Survey, it is the 11th earthquake in the past 30 days to shake up the island.

While this disaster has not left anyone killed, many are shaken up. Can you blame them? The small American territory is only 2 and some change from the catastrophic residue of Hurricane Maria (Category 5) that smashed the island in September of 2017.


Even think about January’s quake, many homes have been destroyed and according to CNN, over “300,000 people were left without water and about two-thirds of the island” was without electricity.