Future hasn’t publicly addressed whether or not he fathered Eliza Seraphin daughter, but he wants his name out of her mouth.

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Seraphin did an interview with Rah Ali where she explicitly detailed the rapper’s genitals, their sex life, his relationship with Lori Harvey and more. As a result, the “Life is Good” rapper filed a defamation and invasion of privacy lawsuit against her.

He claims she’s clout chasing and trying to stick him for his paper. Hendrixx does admit to having a two-year-long sexual relationship with Seraphin, but he says it would’ve never happened if he knew she couldn’t hold water.


In the lawsuit, Future claims Eliza’s lies are causing substantial emotional distress and damage to his brand. For example, she claims he hired someone to kill her because she wouldn’t get an abortion.

Future has since denied these claims and now he’s gunning for damages and wants her to stop speaking about him negatively in public. Maybe if he finally takes the DNA test to prove if he has a seventh child, they can come to a common ground.