Funk The Influence: A Symposium with George Clinton, Flea & Friends will hit Los Angeles on Saturday, February 8. The event is hosted by CreateOurs and designed to bring a live experience crafted around two of music’s most iconic living legends.

The keynote panel will feature Grammy award-winning musicians and producer George Clinton, the founding member of Parliament-Funkadelic and Flea, a founding member and bassist of the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Funk The Influence is a multi-part event series that will educate, empower and entertain its attendees. Also during the event will be a panel discussion on brand building featuring with Melody Ehsani (Designer /Creative Director), Maisha Oliver (Celebrity Hairstylist for Mariah Carey, Lauren London, the Kardashian sisters, and more) and Clinton Sparks (DJ / Music Producer/ VP, business development at Faze Clan).

Music will take the stage with DJ Battlecat, Elvis Brown, Gorangutang and Undecided Future all set for the stage.


CreateOurs is an organization with the ambition to inspire and empower creative minds. The efforts are to foster success in the music industry through education, advocacy, outreach, and collaboration.

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