Azriel Clary has been publicly distancing herself from R. Kelly who she once defended on national television.

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Clary detailed the physical and emotional abuse she endured during her relationship with the disgraced singer in an exclusive interview with The Sun. But there are still fans that believe he can fly.

“what if I had a video of Robert coercing me on what to say, and exactly how to say it… I wonder if the hate would stop then. #whatif ..” Clary tweeted. A Twitter user acknowledged how delusional R. Kelly fans are in a response, “Nah.. they will just say you edited it or set him up. Kellz supporters don’t gaf if there’s 1000 videos. They don’t run on facts.”


That’s when Clary followed up with even more tea, “Even if there’s 4 or 5 different ones? Even if he was talking in second person like me? Hmm. I doubt it. But it’s just a what it.”

It sounds like Azriel Clary has a video of R. Kelly coercing her and it may be in the hands of federal authorities soon since recent reports suggested that she’s now cooperating with them.

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