Issa Rae is coming to the big screen alongside Lakeith Stanfield on Valentine’s Day in the upcoming movie, The Photograph.

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Aside from filming a couple of movies, she launched a music label, Raedio, in partnership with Atlantic Records, and she’s a part-owner of an Inglewood coffee shop. She’s definitely booked and busy as fans eagerly wait for the return of her hit HBO series, Insecure, next year.

But in an interview with Variety, she remained tight-lipped about how many seasons the show has left.


“I haven’t said it yet,” she said. “I just know that there’s an ending.” She added, “I’ve always known…I love working on the show. I love every part of it. But I love when stories finish and they don’t try to overstay their welcome.”

The series, which started off on Youtube, earned Issa Rae Golden Globe and Emmy nominations as well as critical acclaim as a creative and actress. With the large gaps between the last seasons, it definitely feels like the ending is near.