It’s been 10 years since Jay Electronica dropped “Exhibit C” and set everybody’s headphones ablaze. Since then new tunes from the Roc Nation rapper have been scarce, however, it appears he is finally ready.

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In a quick spurt of tweets Thursday night, Jay Elect revealed that his album is done and is seemingly titled A Written Testimony.

Additional details include being recorded over 40 days and 40 nights with a start date on December 26. another interesting detail was the quote “…my debut album featuring Hov man this is highway robbery” leaves room to ask is that one feature or will JAY-Z play a bigger role in the production.


Keeping up the 40 days theme, Jay Elect states the album will arrive 40 days from his announcement, which would give him a March 18 release date.

Hip-Hop fans were skeptical of the release but enough of the power players in the Roc Nation camp have signaled that the release is a fact including Young Guru and Mr. Carter himself returning to Twitter for a liking spree. Jay Elect on the way, you ready?